Nougat Android version 7.0

In Android version 7.0 which is Nougat Google has added some great feature in it.

  1. Clear All: When clicking on the multitasking button all the apps in the background appears to close. On the top of the last app in the background, there is an option clear all and by clicking on it all the apps will be removed. It saves a lot of time, effort and patients to close all the apps one by one.
  2. Send the message from the notification: When a message appears on the notification panel just click on it write your message and send it.
  3. Bundle Notification: Instead of sending the separate notification in Nougat version all the notification from the same app bundled together and appears on the notification panel.
  4. Manage Notification: Pressing on a particular notification, you can opt to disable or silence alerts for the respective app. This is a far better method than having to dive into a random settings menu.
  5. Suggestion option in the settings: In this version suggestion option is available in the settings menu. Which suggest enabling some important features which are new or beneficial.
  6. Quick app switching: Double-tap on the multitasking button to quickly switch between the last two apps you used. It’s quick and painless. It is very useful.
  7. Access multiple apps at a moment: Long press on the multitasking button on your device it will allow you to access all the app which is open in the background (Note: In pause mode) to use simultaneously.
  8. Display Size: By theAndroid device font size is easily changeable, but Nougat adds a Display Size feature that adjusts everything on display.Open Settings > Display > Display Size then use the slider.
  9. Animated GIF for everyone: Android Nougat version provides inbuilt GIF images with the keyboard. So users do not need to download separate apps for GIF emoji images.
  10. Google Assistant: Starting February 27, Google Assistant will start rolling out to all phones running Android Nougat.


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